maanantai 10. elokuuta 2015

My books

Minulta on paljon kysytty kirjojani ulkomailta, joten tässä lyhyesti asiasta englanniksi :)

I have written three dollhouse books. My books contains 36 tutorials/each.
These are all written only in FINNISH.

You can view my books from here:

If you want to buy a book, please contact me: mhm73 @

Edit: You can freely share the links of my books,
I wish we could find a publisher in outlands who is willing to buy my books rights and some day those would be also written in some other language.

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  1. Hi! Have you ever thought of having your books translated in English. Lea Frisoni has done it and her book is now on its second English printing and is selling like hot cakes. Your books would sell so much more if you did that. Books are expensive and not everyone is ready to buy a book written in Finnish and then struggle to understand what it written. It's hard enough to build minis without not being able to understand the instructions.

    1. Hi Lucille!

      YES, I have thought it a LOT. Unfortunately, it is not in my hands. My publisher is working on it and they have to find a publisher from outlands, who is willing to buy rights to my book.

  2. Toivottavasti jatkossakin tulee lisää kirjoja. Jokainen kirja on luettu kannesta kanteen ja moneen kertaan. Ja toivon kovasti, että kustantaja löytää oikean ulkomaisen kustantajan jakaan työsi hedelmiä myös muilla kielillä. =)