maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

About the fair..

The Old time toy fair went fine! I met a lot of old friends and new dollhouse lovers too :) My book is now published :) :) 

Here are pictures of the items I bought from the fair..

This one is from guys who sold a lot of PEZ machines..

This drum is from Hanna

Flower material is from Scale supply. 

 The horse and items below are from Sirkku. That lovely cake is gift from Sirkku, (we had yesterday our wedding day with my husband.)

The ceramic and the lovely fabric pieces are from Taru.
Saara was made so perfect little treasures..

Tin plate is from Susanna.

These are from Vinkeli

And these are not from the Fair, but I have not shown it before.
 I got these at my birthday from Lotte. Just perfect!!!

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